Identity Management Executive Consultant

We provide executive advice,
support, and networking capability in the biometrics,
smart card, and authentication markets.

Key Benefits

Provide information and guidance to companies in the biometrics, smart card and authentication market with respect to the marketplace, potential partners, customers and investors. Via its extensive global executive network within the biometrics industry, NOVEXUS can arrange for business meetings between key decision makers, key partners and industry expertise in a very effective matter.


Information about the Identity Management Industry

Due to the extensive executive level knowledge and network of the industry, NOVEXUS has the ability to gather information about the industry, either a specific area of interest or the global market. Projects can involve the strategic planning of a company’s expansion, advice on a specific topic or ongoing support for the company.

Building of business profile for potential IM partners

NOVEXUS and its specialist network can perform reviews with potential partners and conducting an assessment of their customers’ satisfaction. Then a business profile for the partners can be built in order to accurate assesses the business potential and the business proposal.

Ongoing Executive Support

NOVEXUS and its network can provide ongoing support for any company in the Identity Management marketplace. This could be done as ongoing senior advisory projects, permanent board of directors’ position or temporary support for a specific task or time.


Novexus Current Business Positions

Member of the Board of Directors – WCC Group B.V.

Member of the Board of Directors – Fingerprint Cards AB


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